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March 07 2018

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Maintain the Lawn like a Professional

Most people hire professional lawn maintenance crews because they cannot get the lawn to look quite as manicured when they attempt to take care of it. Professionals are affordable, efficient, and convenient. Some find yard work relaxing, gratifying, and a way to get exercise into their busy schedules. Homeowners who would refer to do their own lawn maintenance can get that same look with the right outdoor Power Equipment. High-quality is not out of reach of most budgets.

The Cost

Professional-grade mowers, weed whackers, mulching equipment, and other tools are much more expensive than mowers from the department or home improvement store, right? That is actually wrong. It is a common misconception based on the initial prices of equipment from the superstore down the street. Purchasing equipment from an experienced dealer, such as Plano Power, may cost more on the day of purchase, but is more cost-effective overall.

The Differences

Stores that sell cheap equipment offer bargain versions of manufacturer models. That is why the price is so low. What consumers do not realize is there are a lot more costs associated with operating those cheap mowers. The performance is mediocre at best, which explains why the lawn looks better when the pros mow it.

The efficiency of the equipment will not be high. That leads to more money on fuel, oil, and having blades sharpened. Repairs are required frequently and the mower will not last very long. It will need to be replaced in a few short years. Consider all those factors when comparing costs and the lower price is a facade.

Searching for a Dealer

A dealer with a service and parts department is ideal. That means any repairs will be completed by factory certified technicians, and parts will be on hand to save time. Servicing what they sell also provides staff with expert knowledge about the brands represented. Answering questions and helping with selection will be no problem for anyone who works there.

Adding attachments and accessories to equipment will also be easy and convenient. Seek a dealer that offers several manufacturer options. This increases choices and price points, as well as preferences. Top brands, such as LawnBoy, Honda, Mantis, Toro, and Tru-Cut, along with almost twenty other brands can be viewed at www.PlanoPower.com.

Customers can also see here for a huge selection of parts, multiple financing options, and informative blog posts. Keep the yard looking like a professional company is used, while saving money and enjoying the maintenance process.
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